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Learn More About CuraDebt Consumer and Commercial Debt Counseling’s Money Back Guarantee, Awards, And More

Learn More About CuraDebt Consumer and Commercial Debt Counseling’s Money
Back Guarantee, Awards, And More

CuraDebt, one of the founders of the industry has been helping individuals and small businesses nationwide since 2000. The founders started negotiating debts in 1996.

To help you make the best decision regarding a debt solution (whether debt settlement, debt negotiation, debt consolidation, or consumer credit counseling), here are awards, memberships, and guarantees that are the reasons thousands of other people have chosen CuraDebt.

Debt Settlement Award For 5 Star Ranking From Top Consumer ReviewDebt Negotiation Award For Top Debt Negotiation Company

CuraDebt is proud to have been given the highest rating for debt relief companies by the Consumer watchdog and review site, Top Consumer Reviews.

You can click here to read the full press release.

CuraDebt Written Money Back Guarantee For Debt Settlement And Negotiation Services

If you are going to work with a company, make sure the company provides you with a Written Money Back Guarantee. While CuraDebt has been doing this for years, it is rapidly becoming the law in many states.

CuraDebt guarantees that the total amount paid back to all creditors, including CuraDebt fees, will be less than the total amount due to the creditors upon entering the program or CuraDebt’s services are free.

When you consider different options (consumer credit counseling, debt negotiation, debt consolidation, bankruptcy), ask the representative if their services are backed by an equivalent or better guarantee.

Customers, prospects and suppliers rely on Dun & Bradstreet, the world’s most trusted source of business insight to determine that a company is solid and reputable enough to help them. Working with a debt settlement company that is listed with the D&B is important in order to make sure that you get quality service from a solid and reputable company.

Member of (TASC) The Association of Settlement Companies

CuraDebt Consumer And Commercial Debt Settlement is a member of (TASC) The Association of Settlement Companies. This trade association has developed a standardized industry disclosure for consumers.

CuraDebt is a member in good standing of TASC, the largest and oldest association of debt settlement companies.

In order to be a member of TASC, a company has to follow a stringent set of requirements, disclosures as well as maintain them through continual review.

This is important to you because you can rest assured that the highest quality in services and standards are being followed which ultimately gives you the best results and greatest peace of mind.

We believe that all companies that are operating legitimately and with consumers’ best interests at heart are members of TASC in good standing, as is CuraDebt.


Low debt settlement debt negotiation guarantee

“We’re satisfied when you are and will keep on negotiating until you accept the settlement.”

Unlike many companies that accept settlements on your behalf (which in some states is against the law), CuraDebt always lets you approve the final settlements and will advise you as to what is the best based on your unique situation.

Here are some recent settlements from 2009:

May 27, American Express: Savings: 70%

August 13, American Express: Savings: 92%

June 29, American Express: Savings: 88%

August 18, Chase: Savings: 80%

August 20, Citibank: Savings: 80%

June 23, Credit Union: Savings: 65%

May 21, FIA Card Services: Savings: 80%

July 28, FIA Card Services: Savings: 70%

July 30, HSBC: Savings: 80%

April 28, US Bank: Savings: 79%

April 28, US Bank: Savings: 78%

More Debt Settlement And Debt Negotiation Letters…



United States Organization for Bankruptcy Alternatives (USOBA) was founded by leading members in the debt negotiation industry seeking representation outside of credit counseling and bankruptcy law.

CuraDebt is a member of TASC and USOBA, the two largest organizations that provide legislative and regulatory information in regards to the debt settlement industry. Both organizations have a strict screening process in order to accept debt settlement companies as members and CuraDebt is a proud member of both organizations.


When you decide to trust a company to help you have peace of mind and a solution with regards to your debts, it is important that the company’s privacy policy, security, and business be verified.

You can check the 3rd party verification of CuraDebt by clicking on the seals to the left.

The Online Business Bureau exists to allow consumers to investigate if a business is legitimate and upholds what it promises you.

You can click on the logo to the left to view CuraDebt’s report. We recommend that you ask any company that you are considering working with if they are members of the Online Business Bureau.

Debt Negotiation & Debt Settlement Membership: International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrator

The goal behind following the guidelines as taught by The International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators is to give you the best possible service as well as savings in your debt settlement or debt negotiation program.

At CuraDebt, over the 9 years of working nationwide and helping thousands of people and small businesses, we have created our own internal training series to supplement the training from IAPDA for our counselors, negotiators and customer service agents.

In fact, there are 20 to 40 hours of additional training that all new team members have to learn and pass exams on in order to begin speaking with and helping you.!

NetCheck Trust Seal For Debt Settlement And Debt Negotiation Company CuraDebt

The Netcheck Commerce Bureau was established in 1995 to promote ethical business practices worldwide and to increase consumer and corporate confidence in purchasing products and services on the Internet. Click on the seal to the left to read CuraDebt’s profile with NetCheck.

RatePoint Site Seal To Rate Debt Settlement And Debt Negotiation Company CuraDebt

Ratepoint.com is an excellent method of gaining customer feedback from you as well as from other clients. This was recently added as another way you can learn about CuraDebt and gain trust that we will do everything possible to help you with your situation. This was recently added on Aug 30, 2009. Click on the logo to the left to leave your feedback.


SDRCC Member in debt settlement debt consolidation category

The San Diego Regional Chamber Of Commerce is one of the largest Chambers in the USA. CuraDebt has been a member in good standing every year since 2001 and continues to support the activities that help promote new business growth in San Diego (and throughout the USA).


CuraDebt Supports SCORE. SCORE, or Service Corps Of Retired Executives coach hundreds of thousands of small businesses to succeed.

As part of CuraDebt’s commitment to create more jobs for Americans, for years we donate every year to SCORE. SCORE, or Service Corps Of Retired Executives coach hundreds of thousands of small businesses to succeed. Small businesses are the greatest employers in the nation today.