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Debt Settlement

When the stress of debt starts to build, there are several options to help provide a solution. These options are Debt Settlement, also known as debt negotiation or Performance Based DEBT SETTLEMENT.

The goal of Debt Settlement is to reach agreed resolutions for the outstanding debts. It works the best when the debts are not secured by any real property.

Upon completion of a settlement agreement and payment of the settlement amount, a settlement letter is provided. See sample consumer Debt Settlement and negotiation letters.

Due to the fact that most individuals and small business owners do not have a lump sum (or if they did, they wouldn't be needing financial assistance), most settlement programs work where the individual saves or sets aside money on a monthly basis and based on those funds, negotiations are performed.

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Business Debt Consolidation

As a small business owner, one of the greatest challenges is having enough cash each month to meet the businesses' obligations.

The goal of a business debt consolidation, also known as a business debt management program is to help restructure the businesses' debts so that you have more cash flow each month. With that extra cash flow, you could invest in more help, marketing, advertising, or other things to increase the income!

Typically, the program works best for business debts that are non-critical.

If your business has encountered problems related to cash flow, contracts, or potential litigation, business debt management may be an appropriate solution to resolve the conflict in a win-win manner that can be much more economical than most traditional means of taking care of monetary disputes. It also helps free up your time so that you can focus on the business instead of creditors.

Read successful business debt negotiation scenarios.

View sample business debt negotiation settlement letters from creditors

Traditionally, when a business owes money to vendors, suppliers, lenders, or banks, hourly billed professionals such as lawyers can add a significant cost to the resolution of the issue.  Attorney fees, collection costs, interest accumulating, court appearances, filings, and court motions can quickly cause the debt to increase significantly.

Business debt negotiation or Debt Settlement can also benefit your company by freeing up valuable cash-flow in situations such as pending litigation, breach of contract issues, bad leases or equipment contracts (or other bad contracts), cash flow problems, harassing creditors, etc.

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How Is The CuraDebt Process Unique?

You are assigned an experienced financial counselor on staff to listen to your situation, understand, and based on your short and long term goals, recommend a solution. CuraDebt acts as a trusted, 3rd party advisor to ensure that you get started and get the help you need from the top rated solutions provider.

In cases where there is personal as well as business debt, both types of debts can be evaluated and a comprehensive solution provided.  In many cases, there is personal debt as a result of personal guarantees for the business. 

*Note: In case you qualify for our Performance based debt resolution program, we will be glad to assist you with an FTC compliant performance based program designed to help consumers achieve the peace of mind needed. Our Performance base Debt Settlement program is only available to certain consumers who fall under criteria set forth by state and federal laws, therefore allow us to assist you and give us a call today.

Debt Settlement Information

Financial instability is a problem that many people struggle with. It can be hard to come to terms with your situation, and sometimes it gets to a point where people are considering personal bankruptcy. CuraDebt is here to help you avoid bankruptcy and get you back on the road to financial futility. Not only are they able to counsel you through this difficult time, they can provide you with more Debt Settlement information so you can decide if this is the route that you want to take.

CuraDebt Debt Settlement program will help you with all of your debt reduction needs. The initial phone call to CuraDebt is entirely free, and it is here that their experienced representatives will listen to your story, work to understand your needs and aim to provide a tailored plan for you to get out of debt. Whether you have business debt or personal debt, the award-winning CuraDebt consumer credit counseling program will take your situation and run with it. Whether you decide to go with the debt negotiation or debt consolidation route, you can be rest assured that your money is in the hands of an expert.

Many people decide that debt negotiation is the best way to go. Here, CuraDebt will have you make your monthly payments into an alternate account as opposed to directly to your creditors. After a period of time, they will negotiate on your behalf to lower the total amount of the settlement you owe. Typically, they can reduce the principal amount considerably, and you could be out of debt in no time. This is sometimes trickier with business debt negotiation, but the main goal is to ensure that you do not file for bankruptcy.

Debt consolidation is another option. With CuraDebt, you can take out on loan to consolidate all of your outstanding debts. This loan will come with low interest rates, affordable monthly payments and a lesser term, ensuring that you can get out of debt as quickly as possible.

CuraDebt has been providing financial crisis assistance since 2000, and they are the leading source for Debt Settlement information. Give them a call today to see what they can do for you, and you will be amazed at how bright the future looks.


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* Curadebt does not charge any fees for its free counseling sessions. However if you qualify for our Performance Based Debt Settlement Program, performance based fees will only be earned as debts are settled. Not all services are available in all states. Individual results vary. We do not guarantee debt will be reduced at any specific percentage. CuraDebt does not assume or pay any consumer debts, and does not provide tax or legal advice. If you seek legal or tax advice, you should consult with a tax specialist or attorney. Read and understand all contract terms prior to enrollment.


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