Tax Debt Relief Issues And Solutions

Below you will find real situations from individuals and small business owners who came to us with tax problems and the things we did to ultimately get them a final solution.

Our process uses a 3-phase approach where first the tax team does an investigation. Next, tax returns are prepared if needed. Sometimes this is for returns that were not filed and sometimes it is for corrections. Finally, the resolution is implemented as needed.

Future results will vary and past results are no guarantee of future results. Each case will vary. These examples are here to demonstrate that the tax team doing work for you is the top in their field.

More examples are being added as there are many cases to review and include.

Click on the link below to read more information about the specific case. Names have been removed to protect client privacy.

2017 Tax Debt Relief Issues And Solutions

Case # 1 – Offer In Compromise

SITUATION: A Client called in with a total liability of about $14K, client was in an installment agreement when he enrolled in the program. The reason the client owed the IRS was due to a mistake on claiming when he wasn’t entitled to.
The total amount…

2016 Tax Debt Relief Issues And Solutions

Case # 1 – Partial Payment Install Agreement Resolution

SITUATION: A woman called us because she owed the IRS due to not having had her federal taxes deducted from her paycheck for a couple of years. As a result, her wages were garnished. She tried to work something out on her own with the IRS. She agreed to a payment plan but was unable to continue with the payments as they were too high…

Case # 2 – Currently Non Collectible

SITUATION: A woman called us with about $42,000 that she owed to the IRS. This was for her and her husband for several prior years of unpaid taxes. She mentioned that they were compliant with their returns, as they had always filed on time. She continued to explain that $19,000 of the tax debt was from unpaid self employment tax, which was incurred by her husband…

Case # 3 – Currently Non Collectible

SITUATION: A man called us because he was receiving threatening notices from the IRS for about $30k. He tried to solve it on his own, but the IRS would not explore a resolution due to his not being in tax compliance. His taxes due were from unpaid balances from the years 2004, 2005, 2009, 2011, and 2012. He also had lottery winnings and was not aware that it was enough to file…

Case # 4 – Partial Payment Install Agreement Resolution

SITUATION: A man contacted us owing approximately $23,000 to the IRS because of insufficient withholdings on his 401k contributions. He was forced into early retirement, had nine different back surgeries and was finding it difficult to get a job…

Case # 5 – Partial Payment Install Agreement Resolution

SITUATION: A woman who called us, unfortunately, had her own business which failed. To keep her business afloat, she used the funds that were supposed to have been paid over for payroll taxes to fund her business operations. As a result, she was personally assessed with a trust fund recovery penalty…

Case # 6 – Audit Defense

SITUATION: A man called us to assist him with a solution to resolve about $30,000 that the IRS was coming after him for. During the initial consultation, the client informed us that he had been audited. He was also concerned about a Form….

Case # 7 – Offer In Compromise

SITUATION: A woman called in with about $75K to the IRS. She had been in an installment agreement with the IRS, but they were asking for more money, which she could not afford. The reason she had unpaid taxes was as a result of higher withholdings….

Case # 8 – Offer In Compromise

SITUATION: A woman called in stating that she had about $24K of debt owed to the IRS. She explained that the liability stemmed from issues dating back to 2006. She has 2 children and she had applied for the Child Tax Credit, but….

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