Tax Team

The tax professional team that will be working for you is one of the most experienced in the industry.

The enrolled agents have over 85 years combined experience in tax debt relief working to resolve the tax liability of many taxpayers with the Internal Revenue Service or state tax authorities.

The managing director of the company has 10 years experience solving complex 7-figure tax issues for businesses and individuals.

What he has found after working with numerous CPA’s and tax attorneys is that it pays to have the best tax professionals who adhere to a detailed set of consistent standards. Price shopping is fine when buying the exact same TV. However, he personally found that the difference between the best professionals and company could mean savings of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars by taking advantage of every legal way to minimize taxes. E.g. in every case where he saw someone save hundreds on tax work or resolutions, it ended up costing the person much more in stress, hassle, fines, and in tax payments. It pays to get the best possible company to handle your tax issues.

To do tax right, Eric built the best team possible of attorneys, enrolled agents, CPA’s, and internal processes to ensure that each client gets the best results, time and time again.

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