Litigation Practice Group: What Is Going On?

Just to be clear, we are not Litigation Practice Group, however we do have information in regards to what is going on with Litigation Practice Group.

You may be a client of Litigation Practice Group and received an email about getting transferred to Phoenix Law, Oakstone Law Group, or Gallant Law PC. This email may have left you with a few unanswered concerns.

Firstly, who are Phoenix Law, Oakstone Law Group, and Gallant Law PC? These are names of 3 law firms that provide a variety of legal services to debtors to help address their debts. With Litigation Practice Group closing their doors, their clients files have been handed over to these law firms.

In this article you will be informed as to why Litigation Practice Group closed their doors and what your options are.

What is Going On with Litigation Practice Group?

Litigation Practice Group, also known as LPG, was a firm that specialized in debt relief, bankruptcy, and litigation manners (such as civil, commercial, and real estate). On LinkedIn, LPG promoted their services stating “Helping represent consumers with debt relief legal services across the country in 48 US states including Collections Harassment, FDCPA, bankruptcy and more. The LPG law team provides litigation support and advisory to support you overcoming debt problems and regaining your life.”

We have heard rumor that the firm has permanently closed their doors, meaning they will no longer have their services available. We have researched and can confirm that LPG has indeed closed down.

Litigation Practice Group Lawsuit

Litigation Practice group was sued by Naz II Holiding on 1/9/2023. Accordingly, the lawsuit alleges that Tony Diab has been running the Litigation Practice Group with Tony Diab being a disbarred attorney for ethics violations, including diverting settlement funds that were due to his client into his own bank account. 

If you are a client of Litigation Practice Group, you have most likely received an email in regards to your account getting transferred to Phoenix Law or Oakstone. This may have left you with many unanswered questions.

Can You Cancel Phoenix Law or Get A Refund?

Firstly, if you do wish to cancel, you may want to contact your bank to disallow any future withdrawals. Secondly, how do you get a refund for the money you put into the account? It appears that some people were frustrated going through normal communication channels, and reached out to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). One Litigation Practice Group BBB complaint shows that LPG is stating that it is processing refunds, but it’s unclear whether you have to do a BBB complaint to see a refund.

BBB complaint show LPG states that it has processed a refund.

What is a BBB Complaint? BBB handles disputes that relate to marketplace issues experienced with the services or products a business provides. The complaint must meet our acceptance guidelines. BBB contacts the business and asks for a response.

Will Phoenix Law or Oakstone Process a Refund?

From one BBB complaint, the former LPG client stated in a Litigation Practice Group review that a company had purchased Litigation Practice Group’s accounts and that they were not entitled to give a refund.

So what are your options to handle the debt post-cancellation?

What Can You Do With Your Negatively Affected Credit Score And With The Debt?

CuraDebt is here to help. We can help with understanding your options post-LPG cancellation to get out of debt. We have helped a large number of ex-LPG clients and have led them to successfully eliminating their debts. Debt settlement may be a good option if you are facing financial hardship as you can save money because the firm will try to settle the debts for potentially 50% of what is owed.


If you were enrolled with Litigation Practice Group, hopefully this article has helped you gain up to date knowledge of what is going on. If you need help or would like to explore other options, you can call 1-877-850-3328 or request a free consultation with CuraDebt here.

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