How To Choose The Best And Most Reputable Debt Relief Company

Just like in any industry, there are a wide range of companies. My name is Eric Pemper, the founder of CuraDebt, and have been in the debt help industry for over 23 years.

I will share the criteria that I would look for if I were to choose a company for myself. Then I’ll share about CuraDebt’s efforts to be the absolute best in the industry with respect to each of these.

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The TOP 9 Criteria I would look for:

  1. The longest time in business.
  2. Lowest fees for a blue ribbon service.
  3. Fewest complaints
  4. Reviews
  5. Credit restoration option after program is done
  6. Caring / personalized attention
  7. Certifications/awards/memberships
  8. Top notch quality
  9. Ratings

How does CuraDebt compare?

1.  The longest time in business.

While no company can predict the future because the industry is continually changing, I interpret prior experience as the ability to adjust and get the best results possible in the future

CuraDebt has been helping people nationwide since the year 2000, one of the oldest in the industry. You can see prior settlement letters.

2.  Lowest fees for a blue ribbon service.

Typically, a debt relief company charges a percentage of the total debt. If you have $50,000 in debt and one company charges 25% and another 22%, that’s $1,500 savings in fees alone.

At CuraDebt we do our best to keep our fees the lowest while still providing the best customer service and results.

3. Fewest complaints

My thought process is that I want a company with as few complaints as possible. I would also check to see that there is no pattern of common issues (because I would want to see that any issues presented were solved).

CuraDebt has one of the lowest number of complaints in the industry.

4. Reviews.

I would look for a company with great reviews. I would read the reviews and see that they talk about actual client experiences during and completing the program.

CuraDebt is proud of over 1,000 five-star reviews on numerous websites from Customer Lobby, Google Reviews, BBB and other sites.

5. Credit restoration when the program is done.

Credit rating is very important for one’s ability to take out new loans in the future. I would want a company that would help do the best possible to address credit rating when the program is done.

CuraDebt pays for credit restoration for a number of months depending on the debt that was enrolled and settled.

6. Caring / personalized attention.

When I speak with a representative of a company, the first impression goes a long way. I would only work with a company with whom I felt a connection, honesty, transparency, trust, and that they cared about me and my wellbeing.

CuraDebt takes pride in making sure that you are treated fantastically well.

7. Certifications/awards/memberships/licenses.

I would make sure the company is IAPDA certified (knowledgeable about debt settlement), BSI certified (for quality) and accredited by the American Fair Credit Counsel (meeting ethical guidelines). I would also confirm that the company is licensed and/or bonded if the state requires it.

CuraDebt is BSI certified, AFCC certified, has IAPDA certified counselors, and is licensed and bonded in numerous states that require it.

8. Top notch quality.

I would ask about the customer support team and quality.

CuraDebt’s services are distinguished for helping people who are experiencing financial hardships, and we work hand in hand with the client to help them resolve their debts and have peace of mind.

9. Ratings.

There are many rating or directory websites where the owner either gives their opinion or lists debt relief companies sequentially. I would look at these sites to get a list of companies to talk with (and not just blindly choose the one at the top of the page) and then do an evaluation of those based on the prior 8 points.

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