Debt Relief Services To Help You Resolve Your Debts

CuraDebt provides the following core debt relief services to individuals and small business owners across the United States of America:

Debt Relief

Do you have credit cards and/or other unsecured debts and need a solution to resolve them as quickly as possible, for the greatest savings, based on the funds that you have available? While there are many options, the key is identifying the best option for you based on your unique financial situation and goals. At CuraDebt, we have provided tens of thousands of Americans with debt relief solutions since the year 2000. We have several debt relief options available. Learning what your options are and which is the best is a good start to helping you start resolving your debts. All of our consultations are free, confidential and with no-obligation. Read more about debt relief here.

Tax Debt Relief

The division of CuraDebt that provides state and IRS and state tax debt relief services is CuraDebt Tax. We are able to assist with your state or IRS tax issues. Taxing authorities have numerous extremely strong methods for collection, so if you do have tax debt issues, take action immediately. See the CuraDebt Tax Debt Relief Services page to learn more about our tax debt resolution options.

Debt Settlement

Debt settlement, also known as debt negotiation, debt reduction, debt forgiveness, or debt arbitration, is a process where you are in the driver’s seat. Instead of being a slave to credit card companies’ minimum payment guidelines and lifetime payments, you make a payment based on what you can afford (within program guidelines).

At the same time, CuraDebt works with consumer protection law firms to help protect you from TCPA, FDCPA and other collection violations. In the past, when successful, clients have had debts dismissed as well as received cash awards. No one can guarantee future results, but CuraDebt has numerous internal processes to ensure that everything is done to maximize violations for the benefit of clients.

Then, for the debts remaining, your arbitrator negotiates to reduce the amount owed as much as possible and finalize each account as quickly as possible based on the money available. The result is paying off your debts much sooner and for a lower payoff than most other options. CuraDebt offers debt settlement as one of our debt relief services and you can read more about debt settlement.

Debt Negotiation

Just to be clear, debt negotiation is part of debt settlement and many times debt settlement is referred to as debt negotiation. We have separated it out here to provide you additional information on this program. Before we start negotiating with your creditors, we begin with a free counseling session to see if our program works for you. We explain every detail and walk you through the process. Our debt counselors explain how the savings plan part of the process works and, of course, the most important part, how we negotiate your debts with your creditors. Learn more about debt negotiation as a debt relief option and whether it’s a good fit for you.

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