Fair Debt Collection Practice Act Violation Lawsuit Wins

The debt relief program includes review of creditor correspondence as well as communications to identify violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, TCPA, as well as other laws. If there are violations, these can be used to obtain better resolutions on the accounts or ultimately sue the creditors for damages, which results in the client receiving money.

The concept is similar to some programs where debts are validated, such as a debt invalidation program. In a debt invalidation program, the best result is a 100% debt reduction where you can see some in the sample settlement letters. Even better for you as a client is when the creditor is caught violating laws and one of the attorneys can collect damages for you in addition to getting the debt resolved. If this were to happen, you could receive cash rewards.

This cannot be guaranteed and each case is different, but please view the FDCPA violation examples. Client names and creditors have been blacked out for privacy. Originals are in our files.

Clicking on each of the FDCPA below will show you an image.


Cases available upon request.



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