Debt Negotiation

Are you struggling to make your monthly payments? Are you drowning in debt? Are you close to considering bankruptcy? If you are seeking to lower your monthly payment and resolve your debt in the least possible time with a flexible and proven program, a debt negotiation program might be the right solution for you.

How Does Debt Negotiation Work?

First of all, debt settlement and debt negotiation are one in the same. Sometimes, people think they are separate things, but they refer to the same type of debt resolution program.
The CuraDebt debt negotiation program is unique because first, CuraDebt works to maximize creditor violations to potentially get debts reduced, dismissed, and/or obtain cash rewards for clients.
Then, on the remaining debts, CuraDebt works on your behalf to negotiate with your creditors. The ultimate goal is to reach agreements for less than the total amount owed as quickly as possible based on the  money you have available monthly (or on an optional lump sum).

Our Debt Negotiation Process

Step 1 – Your Free Counseling Session

Our expert counselors will listen to you, seek to understand your situation, and see if you qualify for the in-house performance based debt negotiation program. The consultation is 100% free, confidential and no-obligation.

Step 2 – We Explain Every Detail

If the program is right for you, your CuraDebt counselor will explain the fee structure, timeline, risks and other details very clearly, making sure you have a clear understanding of the benefits and details. Once done, if you qualify for the in-house program, you will sign an agreement with CuraDebt.

Step 3 – We Establish A Saving Plan

A special purpose account will be opened where your agreed to monthly funds (or optional lump sum) will be saved for use in resolving the negotiated payoffs for your accounts.

Step 4 – Leverage FDCPA, TCPA And Other Creditor/Collector Violations

Our client services and negotiations internal processes are designed to maximize the monetary rewards for clients as a result of collection or credit reporting law violations. While no one can guarantee future results, prior clients have been very satisfied, some receiving debts dismissed and/or cash rewards. The key benefit for you as a client is that the company has tightly integrated their internal processes with an experienced legal team to maximize your monetary benefits.

Many companies focus on negotiating debts only. That is not sufficient to get you the best possible results. E.g. would you like the chance to have your debt dismissed and receive a cash payment or just to reduce the balance of your debts? With the CuraDebt program, everything possible is done to get your debts dismissed with cash payments for you. Only the debts that are remaining are then resolved through negotiation.

Step 5 – Negotiate The Best Resolutions On Debts Remaining

On debts that are still remaining after the potential FDCPA, TCPA and other violations, our in-house negotiation team will work to finalize settlements as quickly as possible for the greatest savings to you, based on the funds you have available.

Once the creditor accepts the offer and you accept the settlement, your debt is settled and the commission is paid. This process is repeated for all of your debts until you graduate from the program.

Is Debt Negotiation Right For You?

When you have unsecured debts like credit cards, personal loans, payday loans, some credit unions, certain private student loans, repossessed cars and other debts that are not tied to collateral, debt negotiation may be the program for you. If you have tax debts, there is a special tax debt relief program designed to solve tax issues. Debt negotiation is the best solution if you have:

  • Credit cards,
  • Personal loans and lines of credit,
  • Medical bills,
  • Accounts in collections, and
  • Other unsecured debts.

What are the Benefits of Debt Negotiation?

CuraDebt’s debt negotiation program is designed to be able to help you:

1. Lower your monthly payment

As opposed to only lowering interest rates, debt negotiation usually offers a lower monthly payment. In most cases, you are able to free up some money so that you can live more comfortably while still resolving your debts.

2. Reduce your overall amount of debt

Debt negotiation is designed to provide you a substantially greater savings than that of paying minimums or a debt consolidation program. Instead of paying the minimum payment and not seeing the balance decline, you see much faster progress toward resolving your debt.

3. Get you out of debt sooner

The goal is to help you pay off your debts within 2-4 years instead of 5-20 years or longer than it typically takes with a debt consolidation program or paying minimum payments.

What’s Your Next Step?

Communicate with a CuraDebt counselor and see if the CuraDebt debt negotiation program will help you reach your financial goals. Call toll-free 1-877-850-3328 or get a free debt evaluation here.

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