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Michigan Consumer Credit Counseling Debt Negotiation Help Consolidation

Michigan Consumer Debt Help, Relief, and Counseling

Did you know that the state of Michigan’s name is actually the French form of “mishigamaa”-the Ojibwa word meaning “large lake” after the great Lake Michigan. The “Wolverine State” is home to almost 10 million Americans. That makes it the tenth most populate state in the country, and shows how far Michigan has come since being admitted into the Union on January 26, 1837, as the 26th state. Its most populated city-Detroit, has a history of being an economic engine for the rest of the country. Its once grand automotive industry and strong economy has come to a harsh decline in recent years. Many hardworking people who are proud to call Michigan their home have felt the effects of these hard times. Job problems, emergencies, and surprise expenses can take a big toll on person’s financial situation. Many people have racked up a lot of debt through loans and credit cards but now find themselves stuck. You are not alone, help exists for you. In fact, consumers all over the nation have struggled to cope with enormous amounts of credit card debt. The first thing to do is get help from a professional Michigan consumer credit counseling service, and quick, because debt can spiral out of control fast.

Debt problems are difficult to solve and are stressful times for those drowning in it. There are lots of Michigan consumer credit counseling options and programs available for those seeking relief from their debts. Debt consolidation, bankruptcy, or debt settlement are some of the routes a lot of people take. Before doing anything on your own-which can be really risky- it is important to get expert Michigan consumer debt counseling first as it is crucial to have advice to guide you through your journey to financial freedom. Debt help programs can be confusing and some might even set you back deeper in debt. For instance, bankruptcy can involve liquidation of assets (chapter 7) or it may be a ‘wage earner’s plan’ (chapter 13)- both of which can seriously harm your credit report. Debt consolidation can be secured against your assets or be an unsecured high interest rate loan, and usually is not the ideal solution for many people. Debt settlement is a service that involves negotiating a reduction in your overall debt. Your reduced debt is then paid off by money you save through a designated account, this is generally the best overall track for many people. Many Michigan consumer credit counseling services are available, it is up to you to start your journey to debt relief! Everyone’s situation is different, call now to get a free consultation to see which track is best for you.

(There are also services available for tax debt if needed, just click here.)

When looking for help on Michigan consumer credit counseling services, you only want to work with the best-your finances are no joke. Curadebt’s qualified and experienced staff has been offering expert help nationwide for over 15 years. Our professional team is always ready for any situation and our quality of service has helped Curadebt has received many awards and recognitions. Curadebt is a member of the International Association of Debt Arbitrators, SCORE, the US Chamber of Commerce, and is in good standing with both the Online Business Bureau and the American Free Credit Counsel. By provided quality consumer credit counseling all over the country, we have received over 670 verified five-star reviews on CustomerLobby.com-a third party review service for consumers. We also have over 100 five-star reviews on ShopperApproved.com where we were recognized for our ‘excellent level of service, value, and client satisfaction’. Curadebt is rated in the top 2 “Best Debt Relief Companies” on TopConsumerReviews.com for over 7 years. Call us now for a free evaluation!


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