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Oregon is known for its rainy weather and dreary downpours. This might be why it has more ghost towns than any other state. At the same time it has some of the most unique and interesting cities in the United States. Portland stands out as a shining example of excellent urban planning, and Eugene is rated one of the best bicycling communities in the nation. Nowhere is this duality of the state clearer than in the state flag which is the only one to have a different design on each side. However in one key situation, Oregon is very similar to other states and that is in the fact that its residents are struggling with debt just like everywhere else.

Oregon (OR) Consumer Credit Counseling:

Many people turn to Consumer Credit Counseling in Oregon when they have debt problems. With credit counseling the goal is to educate the customer on how to control their debt and help them budget to lower and one day eliminate all their debt. Unfortunately, many people find that this program is not enough. Their debt problems are beyond the ability to be repaired with a simple budget. Luckily in Oregon there is also the option of debt settlement, where a trained team will help you settle your debt as quickly as possible based entirely on what you really can afford to pay each month, not what the creditors think you can afford.

What is the best option for Oregon Consumer Credit Counseling?

In the end, it really depends on your needs. If you are easily able to make your monthly payments and just need help to get organized, then a non-profit credit counseling company might be for you. However, if you are struggling to make ends meet, and worry each month about your ability to meet all your obligations, then debt settlement may be a better solution for you. If that is your current situation and you need help, then CuraDebt may be the company for you. With over 650 positive reviews on customer lobby, and over 15 years helping people nationwide, CuraDebt knows how to negotiate with your creditors to get a payment that will actually work for you.

Next Step:

The next step is to get a free debt consultation with CuraDebt. We have a successful track record in Oregon and may be able to save you more than you could with a OR consumer credit counseling company. And we can even help with tax debt if you are currently struggling with that.

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