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While Los Angeles boast of the nation’s largest ports, the most expensive real estate available and being home of the Hollywood money making industry, the average Los Angeles resident is relatively considered “poor” by statistical standards.

A recently concluded survey about debt in Los Angeles determined that about 57% of the respondents carried credit card debt. US Census Data also reports that one out of five people living in Los Angeles are below the poverty line, higher by the national average by 40%.

If you are one of the Los Angeles residents struggling with debt, good news! There are options for debt consolidation in LA available to get you out of debt for good.

When the amount you owe to your creditors becomes too high and your monthly payment is not enough to bring the balances down, we may have the solution right for you. CuraDebt offers debt consolidation in LA that aims to help you pay off your debt at a lower amount and at the shortest time possible.

A debt settlement type of debt consolidation program is a process in which a monthly savings plan is established to be used for paying a negotiated and reduced amount on your debt. Our LA debt consolidation program is designed to help you save as much money as possible and resolve debt as quickly as possible based on your unique financial situation.

When you choose debt settlement as your debt consolidation of choice, an agreed amount is placed into a special purpose account monthly. As the savings increase, our negotiations team resolves your debt one at a time with the goal of saving as much money as possible for each account. You will receive a notice for approval when an offer is nearing finalization. Once approved, your account is settled and full and it is only when our fees are paid. The process is repeated until all of your accounts are resolved. By this method, we do everything possible for you not to declare bankruptcy which stays on your record for years.

Expert Debt Consolidation in LA

CuraDebt is the expert when it comes to debt consolidation in Los Angeles. We have helped thousands of individuals and small businesses take care of debts in LA such as credit card debt, medical bills, payday loans and other unsecured debt.

At CuraDebt, our experienced debt counselors will take time to listen to your situation, financial goals and monthly budget. They will inform you of the best and most effective way to becoming debt free. They will help you understand your finances better and encourage you in making educated financial decisions.

Debt consolidation is not an easy decision to make. It is a long term commitment to help you get out of debt for good. Be guided and informed by talking to an expert. Our team has been counseling residents from Los Angeles for over 16 years. We can help you determine which type of debt consolidation in LA best fits your situation.

Learn about your options for debt consolidation LA, contact CuraDebt for a no-obligation free consultation. For IRS tax debt, get a free tax consultation here.


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