First National Bank of Omaha Debt Settlement Letter

Each year the negotiations team reaches many settlements with creditors. The settlements are negotiated based on the funds that the clients have available to reach either a lump sum or in some cases installments on the settlement amounts.

Please click on the year below to expand and view a few of the many settlement letters that are reached each year. If you have a different creditor and would like to see a sample settlement letter from that creditor, please feel free to request a prior settlement letter (with all confidential information blacked out) with that creditor from your CuraDebt counselor.

Please keep in mind that future results are not guaranteed, but experience of over 12 years gives the CuraDebt team more experience than most any other company in the industry, with the goal of saving you the most money as quickly as possible based on your funds available.

Below, please find some debt settlement letters.

Future results are not guaranteed. A variety of factors are used in arriving at the final settlement amount, such as hardship, age of debt, financial profile, recent large cash advances, recent large luxury purchases, creditor, credit history, and other factors.


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