Central Credit Services Inc. Debt Settlement Letter

Below is a Central Credit Services Inc. debt settlement letter. Central Credit Services, Inc. specializes in collecting debt of auto, mortgage, primary, credit card, installment loans and retail and other types of accounts receivables. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, the company started in 1987.

Every year, the in-house negotiations team of Curadebt closes thousands of settlements with creditors. Negotiations are based on the funds that clients have to reach a lump sum payment or in special cases, installments on the agreed amount. In this letter, you can see that Central Credit Services Inc. accepted $4200 as settlement from the original amount balance owed of $11064.52. This negotiated resolution is a 62% savings on the full amount owed.

When it comes to debt settlement, future results are not guaranteed. However, CuraDebt’s 16 years in the business gives it an advantage over other companies in the industry. Saving as much money as possible and getting you out of debt as quickly as possible based on your unique financial situation is our goal. CuraDebt helps with individuals who are facing debt problems from unsecured loans, medical bills, payday loans, personal loans, credit card debt, collections, repossession and business debt among others. We can also help you with IRS tax debt. If you have tax debt, we recommend you to settle it first before anything else. The IRS has collection rights that private entities do not. It is very important to act quickly to avoid them from imposing wage garnishments or tax liens unto your accounts or properties.

Below is a sample debt settlement letter from Central Credit Services Inc. If you want to see more letters from different creditors, you can see hundreds of real CuraDebt debt settlement letters with all confidential information blacked out on the link below. You may also inquire and request more information or see additional letters from one of our CuraDebt counselors by calling 877-850-3328 or setting an appointment with us.


central credit services inc debt settlement letter

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