Wells Fargo Financial Debt Settlement Letter

Below is a Wells Fargo Financial debt settlement letter. Wells Fargo was founded in 1852 by Henry Wells and William Fargo. The company first offered banking by buying gold and selling paper bank drafts and as well as delivery of gold and valuables. In the 1910s throughout 1920s, they served as a commercial bank in San Francisco supporting growing businesses, agriculture and later on venturing into auto, aerospace and the film industry. Good governance made it survive the Great depression that followed this era and even during World Ward II. In the present times, innovative banking concepts like drive-up tellers, express lines, banking by phone and as well as credit cards, ATMs and online banking are some of the adaptive methods that Wells Fargo pioneered in to bring banking convenience into its customers. From just one office in San Francisco, it has expanded into a state-wide bank and now is the 7th largest bank in the nation.

The in-house negotiations team of Curadebt reaches thousands of settlements with creditors like Wells Fargo each year. Negotiations are based on the funds that clients have to reach a discounted lump sum amount to be paid to creditors instead of never ending minimum payments. In the letter below, you can see that Well Fargo Financial accepted $1200 as settlement from the original amount balance owed of $5766.59. This negotiated resolution is about 79% savings on the amount owed.

When it comes to debt settlement, future results are not guaranteed. CuraDebt’s advantage over other companies is its 16 years in the debt relief industry. Getting as much savings as possible and as well as to be out of debt as quickly as possible based the savings plan established is their goal. CuraDebt is able to help individuals who are facing debt issues from medical bills, unsecured loans, payday loans, credit card debt, and business debt among others. They are also able to provide resolution to IRS tax debt. If you have tax debts, it is recommended that you settle it first before anything else. The collection rights of the IRS extend far beyond the capabilities of a private company. It is of great importance that you act quickly to avoid wage garnishments or tax liens unto your properties and accounts.

Below is a sample debt settlement letter from Wells Fargo Financial. If you wish to see more letters from different creditors, you can see hundreds of real CuraDebt debt settlement letters with all confidential information blacked out. You may also inquire and request more information or see additional letters from one of our CuraDebt counselors by calling 877-850-3328 or setting an appointment with us.

wells fargo debt settlement letter

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