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Do you feel overwhelmed with the weight of debts and financial issues? Are you in need of a definite solution to ease your payment processes and begin to enjoy life, friends, and family? If the answer is yes and you live in the treasure state, then continue reading this article to learn more about our Montana debt relief program.

There are a huge variety of options available for debt management. With so many pros and cons, it seems almost impossible to find the option that best fits your specific case.

Well, allow us to introduce ourselves – we’re CuraDebt! The ultimate and most suitable option in the market to help you ease the burden of debts and allow you to continue with your life and start new projects that can lead you to a bright future. CuraDebt has the experience, licensing, and connections that are required for an efficient and rapid process of debt management.

CuraDebt was born in 1998 due to the necessity of assisting people to overcome financial issues. Eric Pemper created CuraDebt and started its interstate expansion in 2000 with the utmost goal of serving United States citizens resolve their debt affairs.

Want to learn more about handling debts and financial issues, receive a piece of advice and discuss your case here.

Montana landmark
Did You Know Montana Has One of the Largest Grizzly Bear Populations!?

Montana Debt Statistics

Do you live in Montana and are you feeling you can no longer bear the burden of debts? Don’t worry, you are not alone!

Did you know that only 1,062,305 people called Montana home in 2018, making it one of the states with the smallest populations in the country? While there has been a population boom in major cities, Montana’s economy is the 2nd smallest in the nation with a gross domestic output of only $49.6 billion. Only its neighbor, Wyoming, has a smaller GDP.

Furthermore, the median household income in Montana is $53,385, which places the state 38th nationally and is 15% less than the $63,030 average for all states. In 2019, the state’s poverty rate was 14.4%.

The agricultural sector accounts for the majority of Montana’s economy, with a focus on ranching and cereal crop farming. But in order to keep up with the always-increasing costs of living, Montana residents take advantage of credit cards, in fact, compared to inhabitants of almost all other states, Montanans have far greater levels of credit card debt, which is 4.5% higher than the $9,333 national average for indebted households.

Undeniably, the weight of debts and financial concerns deprive people of enjoying their lives, and the stress related to it can have a negative impact on both mental and physical health

Debt fatigue is a common and underestimated problem that can turn your life upside down. 

If you can relate to all of this stress, wait no more! Don’t wait for financial concerns to ruin your comfort and affect your well-being. Consider Debt Relief. Allow CuraDebt to give you a hand and help you manage your situation, so you can go back to enjoying your loved ones.

Consumer Debt Laws in Montana

The Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) must be followed by debt collection companies. Residents in Montana may receive direct debt collection calls from credit card firms and other creditors, especially in cases of past-due payments. But in agreement with the FDCPA, there are a few actions that are forbidden to do.

The Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) was established to safeguard customers nationwide. The FDCPA, among other things:

  • Prohibits collection agencies from alerting employers to outstanding debts or making efforts to collect fees that are greater than any outstanding debt.
  • Forbids collection companies from communicating in a way that resembles a legal proceeding or appears to be an official government action.
  • Restrains collection agencies from getting in touch with debtors or their family members at unconventional hours or on a regular basis which could be seen as harassment or abuse.

You have to keep in mind that contrary to many other states, Montana does not have a separate fair debt collection practice act that is imposed by the state. This translates into leaving its citizens fairly subject to unfair collection tactics by initial creditors.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that although Montana law mandates that debt collectors register with the state and get a license in order to collect debts, the law forbids individual lawsuits from customers. Consequently, the FDCPA offers the best protection for Montana residents who are subjected to abusive or harassing collection practices.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by phone calls regarding your debts, it might be beneficial to schedule a conversation with a CuraDebt counselor. One of the foremost missions of CuraDebt is to ensure that your rights are fulfilled and also to defend you again any illegal practices.

Which Debt Relief Options Are Best for You in Montana?

Programs for Debt Settlement: How Do They Operate?

The act of negotiating with your creditors to pay less than the full amount owed on your debts is known as debt settlement, sometimes known as debt forgiveness.

While saving you money on interest and fees paid throughout the course of the debt, these programs can cut or eliminate late fees, collection costs, and interest charges.

It is important to remember that the objective is to save the most money and time possible while minimizing any resulting harm to your credit record and score.

Here at CuraDebt, we will provide you with an honest assessment of the cost and timeline for submitting offers to your creditors that could ultimately lead to settlements that spare you a great deal of money, time, and frustration.

Once you receive your settlement letter with all the agreed-upon stipulations, you can become debt-free in just a few years!

The Pros of Debt Settlement 

With debt settlement, you can help your well-being and comfort by minimizing the negative impact of debts and financial concerns on both your mental and physical health. Some of the benefits you can get are:

  • You can pay the lowest legal amount possible, instead of the large initial sum.
  • You can aim to be debt-free in three to four years, instead of fifteen to twenty.
  • When your debts are settled through debt settlement, you will have more money each month. This shows that you have the financial means to repay any new loans or borrowings. Even when you are debt-free, if you keep making deposits into your account, your creditworthiness will rise.

Factors Affecting Debt Settlement

The total amount saved through debt settlement is based on a variety of criteria, including:

  • Work experience
  • Details and age of debt
  • Total experience of the company you’re working with
  • Current and past financial situation
  • Your previous payment history
  • Interest rates and cards/loans outstanding

Debt Types Covered by the Montana Debt Settlement Program

  • Credit cards
  • Car repossession (repo)
  • Credit unions
  • Department store cards
  • Old accounts in the collection
  • Personal loans
  • Personal lines of credit
  • Private student loans
  • Signature loans
  • Medical bills
  • Any type of unsecured debt

Debt Types Not Covered by the Montana Debt Settlement Program

  • Car loans
  • Credit Union debts
  • Federal student loans
  • Home mortgages
  • Some other secured debts
  • Some Medical / Hospital bills

Types of debt covered by Montana’s tax debt relief

With regard to your tax bills, CuraDebt will direct you on the proper route. You can get assistance from CuraDebt with these tax payments.

  • State Taxes
  • Federal Taxes
  • Payable Taxes
  • Taxes from the spouse you feel you don’t owe
  • Interest
  • Penalties
  • Audit Tax Assessment
  • Other Types of Tax Debts

Montana Business Debt Relief Program | Included Debt Types

CuraDebt is aware of how significant your company is to you. Your company can get assistance from CuraDebt with these debts.

  • Business Debt
  • Suppliers
  • Vendors
  • Lines of Credits
  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • Other types of loans, that are not secured by the property

Top Cities in Montana Where You Can Find Debt Settlement

  • Billings Debt Settlement
  • Missoula Debt Settlement
  • Great Falls Debt Settlement
  • Bozeman Debt Settlement
  • Butte Debt Settlement
  • Helena Debt Settlement
  • Kalispell Debt Settlement
  • Havre Debt Settlement
  • Anaconda Debt Settlement
  • Miles City Debt Settlement 

Keep in mind that we service all Montanan cities and people in addition to those stated above.

What Are the Different Options You Have for Debt Relief in Montana?

It is generally advised to look into all of your possibilities before deciding on anyone. These are a few of the choices you might have:

  1. Do Nothing, Just Make Regular Minimum Payments 

You can try paying the minimum amount required on a regular basis.

At first glance, this may seem like a good strategy, creditors will boost interest rates, which will cause the debt snowball to grow even larger.

It is important to note that the interest rate increases as well, so getting debt-free can take you a lifetime! 

Remember that it is a tempting choice in the short term, but in the long term, it will make the problem even worse.

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  1. Balance transfer

On the surface, this seems like a really good idea. Transferring a credit card’s balance to another. Just a one-step process and the burden will feel lighter!

Well, you should reconsider this. We will let you know why:

In the first place, interests are the main concern. Only a short period of time will the new card’s interest rate be low. Afterward, the rate for card #2 will catapult, and guess what? Your headaches will also do so.

Besides, you have to be super careful with new payments, in order to avoid the credit company from believing you are committing fraud.  

Thus, balance transfers are a huge red flag!

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  1. Montana Non-Profit Credit Counseling or Debt Management Program (DMP)

DMP was first developed as a collaboration between non-profit organizations and credit card corporations many years ago.

The idea is for creditors to reduce your interest rate to 0%, in exchange for a monthly payment to a nonprofit organization.

You also need to know that this is often more expensive than other alternatives, even if you are only paying a single bill. And although not paying interest may sound alluring, keep in mind that these monthly fees for non-profit organizations can be as high as 80 dollars a month!

So, think twice before engaging!

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  1. Montana Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loan

Having to pay a debt is definitely stressful, the monthly due date is that day you don’t want to get into, lots of house expenses, food, children, school, car, etcetera. Now, having more than one debt means having more than one due date. Here, the struggle is real!

In these cases, having to pay just one bill, and that one at a lower interest rate sounds convenient. Here is when Debt Consolidation comes to play as the perfect choice for you.

Debt consolidation is the process of taking out one loan to pay off several separate loans

Nevertheless, it is important to read the small print and be aware of some of its disadvantages:

  • The majority of debt consolidation organizations don’t care about your difficulties.
  • They’ve got the right to raise interest rates.
  • You have to be extremely cautious with your payment history. You don’t want to be investigated for fraud.

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  1. Montana Secured Debt Consolidation Loan

This option has two faces, one good, the other one… not so much.

With this choice, you can utilize equity (your house, frequently) as security for a consolidation loan. This risky process aims to use the loan to get rid of other unsecured loans. And we say risky because you are in danger of losing your property! Basically, if you cannot keep up with your payments, the lender may close on your house.

However, if this is done with professional help like CuraDebt, you can get some room to breathe. 

With the lowest interest rates and highest savings, CuraDebt will come to your rescue. 

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  1. Credit Counseling

If you’re experiencing difficulties managing your debt, credit counseling can be a helpful service when provided by qualified counselors.

However, it has to be noted that paying for a credit counselor can be quite expensive, and if the main problem is money, having another extraction to do does not sound very attractive. Especially when there are other options more suitable and sometimes with better outcomes!

So, finding an affordable counselor who can actually help you and you feel comfortable with can translate into more expenses and also can be very time-consuming!

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  1. Bankruptcy

In Montana, filing for bankruptcy is always the last option. Chapter 7 bankruptcy will apply if your income is lower than the median income in your state.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be appropriate if your salary is higher than the state median income but you are still unable to repay your debt.

Your company will be subject to Chapter 11 bankruptcy if it is struggling to pay its debts and is about to go bankrupt.

Bankruptcy is the least preferable option and you only consider it if you’ve exhausted all other options AND you speak with a professional! So, if you are at risk of bankruptcy don’t hesitate to schedule a conversation with us, we can help you and guide you to better options and have the difficult conversations with you.

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  1. Merchant Cash Advance (MCA)

A Merchant Cash Advance loan is a loan for currently operating enterprises that require additional funding to handle various company expenses.

This comes very handy when you need a helping hand to run your business, yet for some reason, your payments are stuck. 

Typically, MCA loans secure the loan against business receivables. The lender may seize receivables to recoup the loan amount if the company is unable to repay the loan as a result of any difficulty.

Some disadvantages of MCA loans include:

  • Your company can struggle if you don’t have receivables.
  • If a cash shortage persists, your firm may fail.

So, you may want to ensure you’re receiving expert guidance before agreeing to MCA loans as your best choice.

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Remember that dealing with debts can be really stressful and can put your family’s well-being at risk. So, if this is your case, you should consider contacting a professional company like CuraDebt. Learn more about it here.

Debt Relief Montana FAQs

How long can a lender go after you to collect debt in Montana?

In Montana, there is an eight-year statute of limitations on written agreements, commitments, or responsibilities. The statute of limitations for verbal agreements, accounts, or promises is five years.

Do you qualify for debt settlement in Montana?

Debt Settlement is a program designed for people going through bad times. Usually, those who are struggling with problems like income loss or unforeseen bills.

Get in touch with a CuraDebt counselor to find out if you’re eligible! We will assess your cashflows to determine your eligibility. You will receive a free estimate of the amount you could save through the debt reduction program.

CuraDebt will work for you and significantly reduce the cost of your debt settlement. Stop hesitating and get rid of those headaches in an efficient, affordable, and rapid way!

How Much Will It Cost?

There are many types of debt relief programs available in Montana, each with different terms and conditions.

Some programs provide immediate help while others require that you wait until their payment plan begins before getting any money back in return for paying off your debts faster than normal.

The fees charged by CuraDebt are promised to be the lowest in the sector and can even be lower than those of its competitors. 

And remember, The CuraDebt Debt Relief Program does not require an upfront fee!

What Makes us One of the Best Debt Settlement Companies in Montana:

  • We’ve settled millions of dollars in debt.
  • CuraDebt is one of the oldest and most experienced companies in the US for Debt Relief.
  • IAPDA and BSI certified.
  • We provide free saving estimates and devise a plan specifically modeled toward your needs.
  • No hidden charges. Honesty and integrity are what we stand for.
  • A consistent 5-star rating on Customer Lobby with over 1000+ reviews indicates nothing else but quality work for our clients.
  • With a 4.9-star average on Shopper approved, CuraDebt is the most trusted brand in America.
  • 1000+ Google reviews with an average of 4.9-star ratings, our customers can’t help but rave about the wonders we do. 
  • Our success rate is high because Client satisfaction and Happiness are our main mission.
  • CuraDebt is a Good Standing Member of the Online Business Bureau, American Fair Credit Council, US Chamber of Commerce, and AFCC.
  • Getting our clients the best possible settlement with creditors is something we know how to do.
  • We help settle debts quickly. We’re incredibly efficient and cost-effective as well. Our top-notch customer service ensures to address any queries or concerns our clients may have.

With CuraDebt, you are in the right hands. With a five-star rating and no complaints, we are confident to beat any competitors offer. We are more resourceful than any competitor on the market. 

Get rid of your high-interest-rate debt and create a debt-free future with us. 

Call 877-850-3328 for a free consultation now!

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