Case 2: Currently Non Collectible on $8,271.60 in debt

Currently Non-Collectible


A client contacted us with an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) debt of approximately $17,000.00, due to disallowance of claiming her children on tax returns for years 2013 and 2014. The IRS requested proof. However, client informed us that she never received a letter from the agency.

After the Investigation Phase was completed by our tax team and it was determined that the total amount of tax debt on which collection was being made only totaled $8,271.60.


Initial contact was made to the IRS by our tax team, A Power of Attorney was submitted and a stay of enforcement was requested.. Consequently, it was verified with transcripts the total liability and compliance situation. The client’s financials were reviewed in detail and verified that her expenses were greater than her income.

After the case was reviewed, it was determined that due to the client’s hardship and single mother status, that she qualified for Currently Not Collectible.


Contact was made to the IRS by our tax team. The client’s financials and proof of income were provided, proper forms were completed diligently, along with a detailed explanation of her current circumstances.

The account was placed in CNC with IRS manager’s approval. No further collection action will be applied as long as CNC status is maintained.

CNC was set in place with the IRS as follows:

Total amount owed: $8,271.60
Resolution: Currently Non-Collectible
Monthly Payment: $0.00
Phases worked: Investigation and Resolution

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This example is an actual example of a client who enrolled in the tax program. Every case is unique and this is not an extension that you will receive the same resolution as they will. Your situation is unique, as are all tax cases. The team has extensive experience, has former IRS employees, special officers, enrolled agents, tax attorney, and CPA’s. Our tax team will work diligently with a flat fee to solve the tax issue you have for the best possible resolution for you. That means doing all possible to ensure you pay the lowest amount of taxes legally required based on your situation, allowable deductions, finances, and other factors.


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