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A taxpayer contacted us with an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) debt of approximately $40,000.00 for years 2003 – 2004. Client was not paying his debt, he forgot about the debt until the IRS proceeded with garnishment. When the taxpayer’s employer received the letter stating a percentage of his wages were being garnished by the IRS, the taxpayer immediately called us for help.


A signed Power of Attorney was submitted to the IRS by our tax team and once the POA posted we secured a levy release on taxpayer’s behalf. During this phase we requested the master file for the taxpayer including the transcripts and a Stay of Enforcement which was approved for 30 days. This prevented IRS from continuing to levy the taxpayer’s wages. After discussing the case with the IRS reps and a financial analysis was finalized, it was recommended that a Partial Payment Installment Agreement be set up based on the taxpayer’s financials.

The report provided by our tax team also stated the total amount of tax debt was $39,248.19.


Once the taxpayer agreed to the resolution recommendation, we proceeded to gather all the documents/proof to set him up in a Partial Payment Installment Agreement (PPIA). We contacted the IRS, discussed the case and provided the taxpayer’s financial information.
The IRS rep sent the case to upper management and the Partial Payment Installment Agreement was approved. The tax team was able to reach a low monthly payment of ONLY $90.00 a month for 72 months, the taxpayer’s wages stopped being garnished, and no additional threatening correspondence delivered as long as the $90.00 are received promptly each month.

Partial Payment Installment Agreement was set in place with the IRS as follows:

Total amount owed: $39,248.19
Resolution: Partial Payment Installment Agreement
Monthly Payment: $90.00 for ONLY 72 months.
Total amount forgiven: $32,768.19
Phases worked: Investigation and Resolution

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This example is an actual example of a client who enrolled in the tax program. Every case is unique and this is not an extension that you will receive the same resolution as they will. Your situation is unique, as are all tax cases. The team has extensive experience, has former IRS employees, special officers, enrolled agents, tax attorney, and CPA’s. Our tax team will work diligently with a flat fee to solve the tax issue you have for the best possible resolution for you. That means doing all possible to ensure you pay the lowest amount of taxes legally required based on your situation, allowable deductions, finances, and other factors.


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