Corporate Turnaround Review: Information You Need

Corporate Turnaround has developed a group of services to help smaller businesses succeed. Corporate Turnaround analyzes each client’s financial condition and offers appropriate solutions depending on their unique situation. The company’s official website is and they can be reached at 1-800-889-0232. Corporate Turnaround is headquartered at 95 Route 17 South, Paramus, NJ 07652.

Corporate Turnaround Pros and Cons

Not much can be found online about Corporate Turnaround, however there have been many reviews submitted by current and former clients of Corporate Turnaround. lists a number of these reviews. One reviewer stated the following “I have nothing but high praises of **** and Corporate Turnaround. I had a judgement against me in the tune of $130K and no idea how I was going to ever get it paid and not lose my business. I reached out to **** at Corporate Turnaround over 4 years ago and their team negotiated terms I could afford, to pay off this huge debt and still keep my other obligations paid as well. I am less than 1 month away from this huge debt being paid off and I have **** and his team at Corporate Turnaround to thank for that!!” Another reviewer commented “Warning!! Don’t waste your money and time with Corporate Turnaround! They are bunch of con artists and liars. They will steal your hard-earned money and do nothing! They don’t care about your debt or problems they only care about their profits and at the end you will pay 3 times as much as your original debt. Corpturn has no motivation to resolve or negotiate your debt ASAP because the longer you stay in their program the more money they make. I negotiated with my creditor by myself and was able to reduce my debt from $66,000 to $12,000. That’s an 80% discount. Stop giving your hard-earned money to Corpturn every week instead deposit that money into your own saving account and negotiate with your creditors yourself you will save a lot of money and headache like I did. If you opt out at any time they will keep all your money you deposited and tells you own them even more money for opting out. Corpturn will make you pay 3 times as much as your original debt! Don’t fall for their trap. Jared my advisor was very rude and always very defensive, and he never listens to your concerns or issues.” When searching for a company to assist with your business debt it is important to consider the good reviews as well as the bad reviews. These reviews were taken from on July 28, 2023.

Corporate Turnaround Cost 

Corporate Turnaround is not transparent about their fees on their website, nor can much about the cost be found online. To inquire about the fees charged by Corporate Turnaround you should contact the company directly.

BBB: Corporate Turnaround Review

The Better Business Bureau is a nonprofit organization that collects and provides free business reviews to consumers and businesses in the US and Canada. You can visit the Better Business Bureau website to view the full Corporate Turnaround review. As of July 28, 2023, Corporate Turnaround received a 3.56 out of 5 for a total of 9 customer reviews.

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