Debt Consolidation PR Puerto Rico

Debt Consolidation Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico was named for the gold that they initially found on the island. These days they also have abundant pineapple plantations and the biggest pharmaceutical complex in the whole world. Unfortunately neither this nor the abundant natural resources available has been enough, and Puerto Rico has found itself on the very edge of a financial ruin. This is a situation that is only exacerbated as Puerto Rico cannot vote in congress or for President or Vice President.

Debt Consolidation PR

This financial crisis has obviously had a negative effect on many of its residents and many have fallen into a state of debt that they cannot get out of by themselves. When looking for a solution, the first thought most people have is a debt consolidation loan. However they don’t realize that they will have to put up collateral and what was once an unsecured loan is now a secured loan, and whereas before the worst they had to put up with was annoying collection calls, they now have to face the real possibility of losing their house.

The Best Puerto Rico PR Options for Debt Consolidation

The reason so many people look for debt consolidation is because it has been so well promoted by the banks as the best solution. The reason they recommend debt consolidation is because many of the companies are actually run by the banks themselves. Another option is performance based debt settlement, this is a program where the company does not earn anything unless they can successfully negotiate a deal between the creditor and the client, this means the company always has to have their client’s best interest at heart.

CuraDebt has been helping people across the US AND Puerto Rico for over 15 years, and has successfully settled millions of dollars in debt in that time. CuraDebt is very proud of its dedication to it’s clients and this is reflected in the over 650 positive reviews on Customer Lobby, an independent rating site where clients can give their unbiased opinions on their interactions with a company.

The Next Step

The next step is to get a free debt consultation with an experienced company like CuraDebt. We have a successful track record in Puerto Rico and may be able to save you more than you could with a PR debt consolidation company. We can also help if you have tax debt. Get a free IRS tax debt consultation here.

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