According to the company website,, provides financial counseling and education to their clients. They can be reached at 1-800-431-8157. They have a number of offices in numerous locations but are headquartered at 1450 Iowa Ave, Suite 200, Riverside, CA 92507. Pros and Cons conducted a review on According to this review is known to give a free consultation, which is industry standard, and works in all 50 states. They have a good number of accreditations and provide educational resources to their clients. Unfortunately has poor online transparency. The review goes on to state that “The debt management plan includes a monthly administration fee, as well as an enrollment fee, but the website does not explain specifically what those are. In fact, the website does not describe any fees in detail, and it is unclear whether or not has cancellation, late, or upfront fees.” It should also be mentioned that does not offer a money back guarantee. Information from this review was obtained on July 24, 2023. Cost 

Information in regards to the fees charged by cannot be found. Their website,, is not transparent about their fees. To inquire about the company’s cost it is best to reach out to the company directly.

BBB: Review

The Better Business Bureau is a nonprofit organization that collects and provides free business reviews to consumers and businesses in the US and Canada. You can visit the Better Business Bureau website to view the full review. On the BBB website as of July 24, 2023, received a score of 5 out of 5 out of a total of 34 customer reviews.

In Need Of Debt Relief?

When it comes to financial decisions it is best to explore your options and get a second opinion. Different debt relief professionals or agencies may have different strategies and approaches to resolving debt. Seeking a second opinion can provide you with alternative options that you may not have considered initially. This can open up new possibilities and potentially lead to a more favorable outcome. CuraDebt has been helping individuals and small businesses for over 22 years nationwide and is one of the oldest and most experienced in the debt relief industry. As of May 2023 CuraDebt received a score of 5 out of 5 on CustomerLobby for a total of 1179 customer views. CuraDebt is an Accredited Member of the American Fair Credit Council. Contact us toll free today for a free consultation. 1-877-850-3328. Not only do we handle personal debt relief, we also offer business debt relief and tax debt relief.

Is debt relief a good option for you? Explore the Pros and Cons of Debt Settlement before making a decision.

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