IRS Scammers Arrested in India

Indian police in Mumbai raided nine call centers arresting 70 people involved in phoning residents in the United States pretending to be the Internal Revenue Service – the US government service responsible for tax collection and law enforcement. Their modus operandi include demanding payment for taxes ASAP. According to police reports, another 630 people are also under investigation the same scamming scheme after the initial raid.

According to the Paramvir Singh, the police commissioner assigned to the case, the IRS scammers from India would call up US citizens using an American name and a batch number to tell them that they owed the government agency $4,000 up to $10,000. They would threaten them that they will be raided by the police within 30 minutes if they wouldn’t stay on the phone and if they hung up. The thieves would make grave threats such as losing their job, money and even their house if they would not pay up.

The extent of this scam goes as far as instructing willing victims to go to a nearby department store and buy a prepaid debit card where the money would be deposited for transfer to a US bank account. The illegal operation’s income was netting approximately $150,000 per day according to The Wall Street Journal on their report.

Points To Remember About the IRS Tax Debt

The IRS follows a strict collection process for people who owe tax debt. When in doubt, visit the official IRS website or call them to verify claims. The IRS will never demand money upfront via telephone call or email.

If you owe the tax debt to the IRS, it is best to consult a tax professional to get the proper resolution. If you need help, get a free no obligation consultation here.

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