Debt Relief Program: What To Expect

Debt Relief Program: What To Expect

How Does a Debt Relief Program Work?

The average American holds a debt balance of $96,371, according to 2022 Experian data, the latest data available. According to financial experts, the percentage of Americans in debt is around 80%. If you find yourself falling into this statistic, it is in your best interest to contact a debt settlement company. CuraDebt is a debt settlement company that can help you with all of your debt related issues. At CuraDebt, once enrolled, you will stop making payments to your creditors. We will help you determine a settlement amount that you can afford, and you will put money towards that amount in a debt settlement savings account each month. Once you have enough funds available in this account we will begin to negotiate with your creditors. You do not pay us any fees until we settle your debt for you.

Why Would Creditors Agree To Settle Your Debt?

A creditor never wants to lose money. They will agree to a debt settlement relief program if they believe that other options are more costly and that you cannot afford to pay back what you owe in full amount. Once you begin missing payments to your creditors, it will become apparent that you are having difficulty paying what you owe. The creditors will begin to fear that they will have to resort to other means to get your debt with them paid. Because of this, there is a good chance that they will agree to settle for less than what you owe them.

How Long Does a Debt Relief Program Take?

Debt relief  depends on the amount of your enrolled debt, how fast you can save for the debt settlement, and how much your creditors are willing to accept. A debt consultant can help you estimate your timeframe. In many cases, the first account can be settled in four-to-six months. Over time, debt relief programs can help you get out of debt that you can’t afford.

What kinds of debt can I settle with a debt relief program?

  • Credit card debt
  • Unsecured personal loans
  • Medical bills
  • Private  student loans
  • Peer-to-peer loans
  • Balance due on car loans (when the car is no longer owed)
  • Payday loans

Is a Debt Relief Program a Good Idea?

Debt relief programs are a solution for serious debt problems. A debt relief program can help you get out of debt if you can’t afford the minimum payments on your debt or if your debt is creating hardship for your family. It can be a better solution than bankruptcy if you don’t want a public filing, if you have a previous bankruptcy, or if you don’t want a bankruptcy court taking total control of your finances. 

How Does a Debt Relief Program Affect My Credit?

Most debt relief programs require you to make the voluntary decision to stop making payments to your creditors and instead pay into a special purpose account. Not making payments is a negative for your payment aspect of your credit score, but as each account is resolved, the debt to income aspect of your score improves. Also, your credit is supposed to show how well you could handle a new loan, so by having more free income each month, this is positive toward your ability to get a new loan.

After graduating from the debt relief program you should find life more affordable. With the right financial management you should be able to pay your bills on time and continue on the road to great credit.

The Pros Of Letting CuraDebt Handle Your Debts

  • Get rid of unsecured debt faster.
  • Pay less than the full amount that you owe.
  • Control how much you offer.
  • Keep your debt problems private by avoiding bankruptcy.
  • Less damage to credit score than bankruptcy.

What Happens After Graduating From Our Debt Relief Program?

When your last enrolled debt is settled you will graduate from the debt relief program. You should avoid taking on too much debt in the future. 

You will likely feel that a massive weight has been removed from your shoulders. You’ll note that you have more self-confidence, especially about your finances. And you will feel proud that you resolved your debts for what was agreed too (the amount that saved you the most money) and that you didn’t just walk away from your responsibilities by filing bankruptcy.

Call us toll free today at 1-877-850-3328 for your free consultation. We are available to answer any questions that you may have.

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