There’s no doubt that making your debt settlement payments is difficult. While it may have been easy to amass the debt, paying it off can be trying and difficult. However, there are some tips that can help you make that payment each month anddebt settlement, debt relief, debt help make debt settlement easier on you and your wallet.

•Take your lunch to work. No, it’s not fashionable, but it sure is cheaper. Even the least expensive fast-food lunch is at least $5 for a “value” meal. When you compare that to spending $10 on bread, turkey meat, and some chips or veggies to take, you could be putting a minimum of $20 towards your payment from lunch money alone.

•Garage Sales are your friend. Both having them and going to them can help you out tremendously. Get rid of your unwanted things and bring in some cash that will help you make debt settlement easier. It’s not difficult to hold a garage sale and bring in $200 or more on a Saturday. That’s easy money for sorting through your things and sitting in the garage while others cart off your things. A word to the wise: Get started early on a Saturday morning and go late into the afternoon for more money.

•Join Freecycle. Because you should not be running up any new debt while you’re in a debt settlement plan, you should not be using credit cards to make new purchases. Instead, join a Freecycle group to take advantage of other’s generosity. Rather than throwing things into the dump, individuals will offer items they no longer need for free to the one who wants to come pick it up. You can score amazing deals this way and keep from running up new debt. It’s not unusual to find garden tools, lawn mowers and televisions on the list.

•Shop smart. When grocery shopping, you can cut your budget in half by simply buying the store brands of most foods. A store brand of ketchup, for example, will run you approximately $1.00 while the “name” brand runs over 2.50. Yes, that’s a savings of only 1.50, but when compared to the number of items you buy, it makes a huge impact. Many stores also have a guarantee in place, so that if you don’t like the store brand, they’ll GIVE you the name brand for free. Ask about that at your store.

•Coupons Make a Difference. No, you don’t have to be an “extreme” couponer, but by using coupons and buying a few different brands than what you might normally buy, you can save significantly on your bill. Go to the store on double coupon day for additional savings.

Cutting your debt is much like losing weight. It’s the small decisions we make every day that will make the biggest difference in the bottom line. It’s true what they say, if you watch the pennies, the dollars will take care of themselves.

Making Debt Settlement Easier- conclusion

If you’ve tried everything else, and you still cannot make your payments each month, a debt settlement program may be the best option. Find the best solution for you, for free, by clicking here now.

Debt Settlement, debt relief, debt help

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