Rhode Island Debt Relief | A Helping Hand from CuraDebt

Rhode Island Debt Relief | A Helping Hand from CuraDebt

If you are feeling affected by your debts and none of what you have tried so far has helped, this article is for you. The first step is to help you understand that you are not alone. Many U.S. citizens are in the same situation as you. 

We understand that there might seem to be no way out, but the truth is that a lot of people have been able to get rid of that burden each year, and the next one could be you! 

With CuraDebt, we have the Rhode Island debt relief program that you need, with all the necessary experience, licenses, and networking to help you breathe again. You could be debt-free in a short period of time. Join the CuraDebt family right now and be part of the thousands of U.S. citizens who can now spend more time with their families and friends, instead of being worried 24/7 about finances and debt. 

CuraDebt was founded by Eric Pemper in 1998 with the one and only goal of helping families from Rhode Island and the United States, in general, to conquer their finances and guide them through smooth processes of debt management.  In 2000, CuraDebt put down roots in all the states across America. Since then, we have been offering a helping hand to thousands of individuals each year, and the results have been outstanding!

Do you want to receive some wise advice regarding your debts and finances? Wait no more and get a personalized debt relief program and estimated savings here.

Despite its small stature, Rhode Island boasts the 2nd most coastline per land area in the nation!
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Rhode Island Debt

If you live in Rhode Island and you’re constantly thinking about your credit cards and debts, let me tell you that you are not alone. Did you know that Rhode Island is the smallest state in the US, yet its citizens are among those with the highest levels of credit card debt in the top 20 states? Wow! 

Additionally, borrowers’ student debt levels are significantly greater than those in other regions of the nation. 

But what about delinquency? Did you know that Rhode Island’s credit card and mortgage delinquency rates are also above average?

Just to give you a more solid background of the situation in the state, let’s review some specific statistics from ConsolidatedCredit:

  • The average debt for credit cards per household is 6,104 USD
  • The average number of credit cards per household is 3.26
  • Almost 8 % of accounts are delinquent, with 90 days or more past due

Finally, the credit utilization in Rhode Island is around 31 %, and you need to know that values higher than 30 % can damage your credit score!

In conclusion, the prospect is definitely not encouraging, and trying to handle it on your own can cause more harm than good. If you want to manage and regain control of the situation, think about debt consolidation. Reach out to CuraDebt now, and let us help you with your loads.

Customer Protection Laws in Rhode Island

If illegal or abusive practices have been used to violate your consumer rights, you should about the laws of customer protection in Rhode Island. 

Consumers who are subjected to harassment by debt collectors may be threatened, abused, or forced into making payments on their debts. 

In Rhode Island, we have the Rhode Island Fair Debt Collections Act, which can be compared to the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and protects customers against debt collector harassment and violations, such as:

  • Promoting the sale of any debt in order to compel payment of the debt
  • Making phone calls without revealing the caller’s identity in any proper manner.
  • Using rude or offensive language
  • Threatening to harm you, your reputation, or your property using force or illegal means

Other illegal behaviors toward you are referred to as misrepresentations. These include untrue assertions or accusations or engaging in dishonest, deceptive, or misleading behavior. Such as:

  • How much money owed
  • False threats that you will be arrested
  • claiming to be an attorney when they are not
  • threatens to take action that the debt collector has no plans to take
  • threats to engage in illegal behavior

If any of the behaviors mentioned above called your attention or made you feel identified, speak up. It is your right to take action and stop feeling intimidated or violated. Wait no more and contact us. Schedule a conversation with a CuraDebt counselor right now. 

The Best Debt Relief Options Available to You in Rhode Island

Debt Settlement Programs

Debt settlement is often defined as the process of negotiating with your creditors to pay less than the full amount owed on your debts. This is also known as debt negotiation or forgiveness. 

These programs aim to save money by lowering or even eliminating late fees, collection expenses, and interest charges.

It works by settling a precise amount of money into an account every month.

Here, at CuraDebt we aim to evaluate your particular situation to develop a program that can help you save as much money as possible, as quickly as possible. We have the required experience, processes, and networking to get you the lowest legal amount possible. Can you imagine being debt-free in half of the time you expected to be? Well, once you get your settlement letter, you will be on your way!

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Benefits of Debt Settlement

Debt settlement with CuraDebt is a wise step to better manage your finances. Let’s review some of its benefits:

  • Forget about that high initial amount, you will pay the lowest legal amount possible
  • Pay your debts up to five times faster
  • Creditworthiness is another pivotal factor for us. If you resolve your debts with CuraDebt, that will give you some extra money each month, this means that you will have more space to pay new loans or borrowings.

Factors Affecting Debt Settlement

At last, the amount of money that you can save depends on a lot of factors, such as:

  • Total experience of the debt settlement organization
  • The age of the debt
  • Your financial situation
  • Your previous payment history

Rhode Island Debt Settlement Program: Which Debts are Included?

  • Credit cards
  • Car repossession (repo)
  • Credit unions
  • Department store cards
  • Old accounts in the collection
  • Personal loans
  • Personal lines of credit
  • Private student loans
  • Signature loans
  • Medical bills
  • Any type of unsecured debt

Rhode Island Debt Settlement Program: Which Debts are Not Included?

  • Car loans
  • Credit Union debts
  • Federal student loans
  • Home mortgages
  • Some other secured debts
  • Some Medical / Hospital bills

Debt Included in Tax Debt Relief in Rhode Island

Remember that tax debt is equally important. We can guide you through a rather simple process to take care of taxes, CuraDebt can give you a hand with:

  • State Taxes
  • Federal Taxes
  • Payable Taxes
  • Taxes from the spouse you feel you don’t owe
  • Interest
  • Penalties
  • Audit Tax Assessment
  • Other Types of Tax Debts

Business Debt Relief Program in Rhode Island: Which Debts are Included?

At CuraDebt, we care about your business and how valuable it is for you and your family. CuraDebt can give you a hand with:

  • Business Debt
  • Suppliers
  • Vendors
  • Lines of Credits
  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • Other types of loans, that are not secured by the property

Top Cities in Rhode Island Where You Can Find Debt Settlement

  • Providence Debt Settlement
  • Warwick Debt Settlement
  • Cranston Debt Settlement
  • Pawtucket Debt Settlement
  • East Providence
  • Woonsocket Debt Settlement
  • Coventry Debt Settlement
  • Cumberland Debt Settlement
  • North Providence Debt Settlement
  • South Kingstown Debt Settlement

Remember that those mentioned above are the TOP CITIES, we actually serve all cities and residents in the state.

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What Are the Different Options You Have for Debt Relief in Rhode Island?

Before making any decisions, it is always recommended to review all the different options out there. Here we brought to you some of the most relevant ones:

  1.  Make Consecutive Monthly Minimum Payments

This is the first option people usually think about, it requires no further do and it only implies leaving things the way they are.

The first disadvantage is that there would be no improvement in the situation, because basically you will leave it the way it is, and if you are here, we assume you are trying to escape that situation, in the first place. Another problem concerning expenses is that the creditors will boost interest rates, and this will make the debt even worse with time.

Keep this in mind because you may feel tempted because of its benefits in the short term. Consider what we exposed above so you become aware of the risks in the long term.

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  1. Balance Transfer of Payments

This is a very common thought for people dealing with debts because at first sight transferring a credit card’s balance to another sounds like the perfect solution to get relief from that burden.

Here we explain to you the disadvantages of this choice, that later on can make your burden even heavier! 

In the beginning, the new card’s interest rate will be low, but after time passes, the rates on the second card will increase even more than the first one. Plus, you have to be very consistent with your payments, or the credit card company can think you’re committing fraud. 

So, think twice before transferring your balance!

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  1. Rhode Island Non-Profit Credit Counseling or Debt Management Program (DMP)

The Debt Management Program (DMP) defines a partnership between a non-profit organization and credit card companies

The credit issuer considers lowering your interest rate to 0 % in exchange for a monthly fee to a non-profit organization.

It sounds great! Contributing to the efforts of non-profit organizations. But in your case, you should consider if the benefits of paying a single bill and these contributions outweigh expenses, which are usually the main concern.

We tell you this because sometimes it can be more expensive than other alternatives. Keep in mind that the fees for non-profit organizations are around sixty to eighty dollars per month.

And you must remember: the more expenses, the worse your debt will be. So… think carefully.

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  1. Rhode Island Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loan

One of the most important things to handle debts properly is due dates. You have to follow up on your due dates to avoid running late and therefore, avoid having further issues.

This problem worsens when you have more than one debt to pay, in this case, it turns into a complete headache because missing a single payment can affect the interest rates on unsecured debts and that is another burden you want to avoid at all costs.

Debt Consolidation means that you can mix up your debts in one single bill and at a lower interest rate. 

In short, it is the process of taking out one loan to pay off several separate loans

Now, let’s review some of the main things to keep in mind when deciding on Debt Consolidation:

  • They basically ignore all of your hardships and can be intruding and also charge fees to take out the loan.
  • Remember that they CAN increase the interest rates!
  • You MUST follow a regular and hyper-responsible payment history. Otherwise, you can be seen as fraudulent.

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  1. Rhode Island Secured Debt Consolidation Loan

This option is pretty much like investing. It has to be well done for things to work in your favor. Otherwise, the remedy can be worse than the disease.

A Secured Debt Consolidation Loan gives you the chance to have a new loan that can be used to pay out other unsecured debts. The thing is that you need to use equity to take out the loan, this is usually your property!

So, yes, you are thinking correctly about what can happen if you are not able to make regular or efficient payments.

A wise choice, nevertheless, is to do it with professional help. Here at CuraDebt, we can help you get the lowest interest rates and aim for the highest savings. 

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  1. Credit Counseling

This is a very helpful service if done correctly. A credit counselor can definitely assist you in better management of your finances. 

The problem is that there are as many credit counselors available as grains of sand, and finding a good one can be challenging. In this journey, you can end up investing a lot of your money and time, and as expected, the more expensive, the better the service.

So, if the problem was money in the first place, adding more expenses does not sound appropriate. 

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  1. File for Bankruptcy

This is the least favorable place where you want to be. Chapter 7 bankruptcy will apply if your income is lower than the median income in your state.

When your incomes are above the median income of the state, yet you are not able to manage your finances and pay your debt, bankruptcy under Chapter 13 will be appropriate.

Your company will fall under Chapter 11 bankruptcy if it is close to going bankrupt and is unable to pay its debts.

You MUST be aware of the disadvantages of bankruptcy:

  • It deeply affects your future opportunities
  • It makes it difficult for you to access future loans
  • It harms your personal banking 

It can be as difficult for you as not being able to get a loan for up to twenty years!

At CuraDebt, we care about you and your family. Talk to us right now and we will show you better alternatives other than bankruptcy.

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  1. Merchant Cash Advance (MCA)

MCA offers assistance for operating firms that require additional funds to pay for various company expenses. This comes very handy when your company payments feel stuck for some reason and you require a helping hand.

An MCA loan typically uses accounts receivable as security. The lender may seize receivables to recuperate the loan amount if the company is unable to repay the loan as a result of any difficulty.

Some disadvantages include:

  • Struggling for your firm if you lack receivables.
  • If a money shortage persists, the company can fail.

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Remember that dealing with debts can be really stressful and can put your family’s well-being at risk. So, if this is your case, you should consider contacting a professional company like CuraDebt. Learn more about it here.

Debt Relief Rhode Island FAQs

How Long Can a Lender Go After You to Collect Debt in Rhode Island?

According to the nature of the debt, Rhode Island’s statute of limitations ranges from three to ten years.

Do You Qualify for Debt Settlement in Rhode Island?

Debt settlement is a program made for people who are struggling. When unable to pay for debts and handle finances due to income loss, for example. 

Here at CuraDebt, we have qualified counselors waiting to be contacted and eager to offer you services so you can rejoice with your family again and plan a brighter future. To ascertain your eligibility, we will evaluate your cash flows.

Remember that the estimate of the amount you can save through our programs is COMPLETELY FREE.

Consider this option and let us convince you of working with us. Let us give you a hand and start thinking of future projects instead of wandering about your debts.

How Much Will it Cost?

There are many types of debt relief programs available in Rhode Island, each with different terms and conditions. 

Some programs provide immediate help while others require that you wait until their payment plan begins before getting any money back in return for paying off your debts faster than normal. 

CuraDebt’s fees are guaranteed to be the lowest in the industry which can beat the competitor’s offer too. The CuraDebt Debt Relief Program does not require an upfront fee.

What Makes us One of the Best Debt Settlement Companies in Rhode Island?

  • We’ve settled millions of dollars in debt.
  • CuraDebt is one of the oldest and most experienced companies in the US for Debt Relief.
  • IAPDA and BSI certified.
  • We provide free saving estimates and devise a plan specifically modeled toward your needs.
  • No hidden charges. Honesty and integrity are what we stand for.
  • A consistent 5-star rating on Customer Lobby with over 1000+ reviews indicates nothing else but quality work for our clients.
  • With a 4.9-star average on Shopper approved, CuraDebt is the most trusted brand in America.
  • 1000+ Google reviews with an average of 4.9-star ratings, our customers can’t help but rave about the wonders we do. 
  • Our success rate is high because Client satisfaction and Happiness are our main mission.
  • CuraDebt is a Good Standing Member of the Online Business Bureau, American Fair Credit Council, US Chamber of Commerce, and AFCC.
  • Getting our clients the best possible settlement with creditors is something we know how to do.
  • We help settle debts quickly. We’re incredibly efficient and cost-effective as well. Our top-notch customer service ensures to address any queries or concerns our clients may have.

With CuraDebt, you are in the right hands. With a five-star rating and no complaints, we are confident to beat any competitors offer. We are more resourceful than any competitor on the market. 

Get rid of your high-interest-rate debt and create a debt-free future with us. 

Call 877-850-3328 for a free consultation now!

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