Indiana, while one of the most beautiful states and famous for The University of Notre Dame, The Dunes, and the several incredible museums, Indiana, has a high cost of living. As a result, often people find themselves spending more than they earn.

You have likely heard of debt relief and know that having outstanding debts is stressful. Not only that, but if they spiral out of control without a solution in site, one can end up paying the amount owed 10 or even 100 times! Imagine the $5 mocha at Starbucks ending up costing $500 with interest and late fees. The small print that creditors have us sign is in some cases outrageous – charging exorbitant late fees, over the limit fees, and other fees.

By getting debt solved, not only do you sleep better at night, but you can live your life again knowing that things will be fine tomorrow.


You may have heard that doctors often will not even treat their own families. There is an emotional factor involved. So, even if you are a negotiation expert, which most people are not, we don’t recommend doing it yourself.

First, it requires an enormous amount of time and skill.

Second, one mistake could mean that the creditor prohibits you from much better savings than you rightfully would have qualified for.

Third, you could actually make things much worse.

We’ve had numerous cases where people trying to save money by doing it themselves but didn’t get the terms in writing properly  and ended up owing a lot more than they thought they would.


You’ve likely seen the horror stories of people who paid a debt relief company many thousands of dollars, nothing was done, and their issue snowballed into bigger and bigger ones. Not to mention, the sleep lost and stress were never compensated for.

The goal is to let you sleep peacefully at night knowing that what you are investing in debt relief professional services that get you the best solution, the first time.


With so many different debt relief companies out there, which is going to give you the best solution as well as the greatest peace of mind the fastest? And which options must you avoid because they could actually cause you to pay much more than you actually owe for your debts (or worse yet, not do anything for you)?

The good news is that we’ve done the research for you. The bad news is that a limited number of clients are accepted each month so hopefully it’ll be available when you take action.

Can you remember when you could wake up in the morning, feeling great, and knowing things were set financially? With no need to dodge a debt collector, or check your bank account to make sure it hadn’t been levied. And you could go to work not concerned if your employer had received a garnishment notice. I believe that this is not only possible, but is your right, and the goal is to make it so now when you choose the best debt relief company.


There are some key criteria to keep in mind when choosing a debt relief company in Indiana:

  1. Must know Indiana laws. The laws of each state are different and the company must know the laws and how to leverage them to get the best savings for you on your debts.
  2. Must have ability to engage a local Indiana attorney if needed to get the best results for you. It doesn’t matter where the company headquarters is but who they have available to get the best debt relief for you on the ground in your State. Make sure to ask if they have a local Indiana attorney available to step in to help resolve debts for the greatest savings to you.
  3. Has client testimonials from Indiana  clients. You want to see that the company has helped people in your locality before.
  4. Have few to NO complaints from Indiana clients. Make sure to Google the company name and complaints. Make sure the company has few to no complaints fromIndiana, clients. You don’t want to risk losing your money or losing status because of your decision.
  5. Best possible resolution internal policies. Ask about this when you speak with debt relief companies, what internal checklist and process they have where they work with you to go to action on your financials and hardship letter to do all possible to qualify for the best resolution. Many companies go with the first resolutions the creditors offer, but you want a company with bulldog negotiators that keep on working to do everything possible to get the greatest savings for you and your family!
  6. Solid company but not the biggest or smallest. When you contact companies, you’ll often hear claims about saving millions of dollars or being the biggest with over 500 employees. Here’s the unfortunate truth: the bigger a company gets in the service industry, the more prone to mistakes. Just search their company name and complaints in Google to see. If the company only has a few people, that company is going to reach a point where the individual with the greatest skill is so occupied with different aspects of running the business that they will be more prone to make mistakes. Look for a company that has around 50+ people in their team and screens their clients to see if they qualify, verifying their budget and making sure the program is affordable. Look for a company that discloses the benefits and the downsides of the program so that you are 100% clear about it and there are no surprises later.
  7. Includes TCPA/FDCPA solid protection. Many companies offer a program at about $15 a month that is very minimal at best protection. Cheaper is better when it refers to widgets made that are all the same. However, legal protection and making sure that you are protected from improper activity by your creditors needs to be the best. Ask if the legal protection has awards over $3 million a year for clients like you. That’s a big sign the program is worth every penny. This would be offered through a 3rd party legal plan. Just keep in mind that you’re not looking for the cheapest legal plan (those are the ones you hear horror stories about that don’t pay up when there is an issue); you want the BEST legal plan.
  8. Includes legal protection. In a debt relief program designed to save you the most money, you want legal protection that covers all your accounts .This helps you sleep great at night and get the best resolutions. Make sure this is included through a 3rd party legal plan.
  9. Provides paid for credit restoration when completed. Having debt unfortunately affects one’s credit in numerous ways. Once the debts are resolved, ask if the company will help cover credit restoration to do all possible to clean that up for you. Only go with a company that at least credits something toward it.
  10. At least 20 years in business. We have seen time and time again that companies come and go, leaving their customers high and dry. Even numerous major companies in the industry have been closed down by the CFPB and FTC. Often the biggest are the most likely to be sued and fined because they serve as examples to the other companies in the industry. By knowing the company has helped hundreds of thousands of people over the last 20 plus years, you can be assured they likely will be around to complete your case!
  11. Top Rated By Top Consumer Reviews for debt relief companies. This is one of the premier company rating sites and ensure that any company you speak with is highly rated, ideally in the top 3 by this 3rd party rating organization.
  12. Over 1000 five-star reviews from prior customers. And, google their company name and complaints. While happy customers are important, the most important thing is to make sure there are very few unhappy ones. If you have the option to choose between 3 companies, instead of focusing on who has the most reviews, choose the one that has the fewest complaints. You want to make sure that if anything happens, the company will do all possible to ensure you are happy and taken care of.
  13. Have affordable fees that are clearly explained. Some companies charge 25%+ of the debt as fees but then divide by the years in the program so it looks like 8.25% Be careful; if a company isn’t clear on the fees, what other surprises may come up. The fees should be clearly disclosed from day one and not hidden by dividing by the years in the program or other factors.
  14. Licensed and bonded in various states. This ensures that the company is taking your protection seriously, essential when you choose at debt relief company in Indiana,.
  15. Has tax debt relief too. In some cases you may have tax issues. These are extremely delicate and instead of having to coordinate between the two companies, if one company can do it, it means the best and easiest results for you.


The company knows Indiana, laws. The company has expert arbitrators who negotiate with Indiana, creditors to get the best savings for clients day in and day out.

The company has available Indiana, attorneys if needed. This means that the company, when you also get the legal protection plan, has Indiana, available. At no extra cost to you, they are available to help get you the best savings and results on your debts!

The company has numerous testimonials from Indiana, clients. Here are a few of the many and a link to view more in Customer Lobby, a 3rd party review verified site.

Customer Service
I’ve only just started with CuraDebt. However, I can say that their customer service is outstanding! I’m looking forward to a good working relationship.withKent T. Noblesville, IN 12/04/2018
Marlena was very nice to work with and she explained everything I asked her about. I am looking forward to becoming debt free.Therese. IN, 07/23/2019

The company also has policies to extensively work with you to make sure your financials are the best possible to qualify you for the best savings. There are numerous internal procedures to ensure this.

The company is a solid company with over 20 years of helping hundreds of thousands of people nationwide. The company, instead of focusing on being the biggest or on INC 500, is focused on making sure you as a client are number one and are extremely happy with the results.

The company has a legal plan that protects you from TCPA and FDCPA violations by creditors. To date for this year, the company has obtained over $3 million in awards for clients (these are checks paid directly to clients like you for creditor violations awards won).

The company also has a solid legal plan that provides you peace of mind that you have attorneys to protect you if needed and help get the best resolutions for you. Unlike the low cost legal plans that aren’t as solid, this one is blue ribbon.

The company’s contract includes paid for credit restoration after the program is done to help get your credit worthiness where it should be.

The company has been helping people nationwide for over 20 years and has helped hundreds of thousands of people.

The company has been rated in the top 2 best companies by Top Consumer Reviews for Debt Relief for over 8 years!

The company also has over 1000 five-star reviews on Customer Lobby, an independent review site, Shopper Approved and other sites.

The company’s tax debt relief program is #1 rated and in case you need it, is ready to get the best resolutions for you.


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So, in summary, when you take charge of your debt issues, you are practically guaranteed to save the most money, qualify for the best solution, and have the greatest peace of mind.

The only bad news is that only limited clients are accepted each month, so you may click on the link and find that new clients aren’t being accepted until the next month. Hopefully you can get one while it is.

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